Ship repair is an essential service where ships commute and as a shipyard is obliged to provide such a service by its location adjoining the basin to the Azzefoun port and repair shops meet the strategic requirements of navigation.
A specialized and competent workforce that has mastered the main fault diagnosis software, a certain rigour, logic and method are essential to diagnose a fault and repair it.
It ensures the proper functioning of the vessel, and repairs marine engines, hull of boats, winches, pulleys etc. it also installs and supplies new engines and fishing equipment.

Atelier de Fabrication


Atelier de Maintenance

Maintenance workshop

Machine a tour

Lathe machine

Travaux de maintenance et de réparation

Maintenance and repair work

After-sales service

The shipyard offers a range of services ranging from technical assistance, innovative and adaptable to technical and operational challenges.
Our teams take over to exchange defective equipment or make necessary repairs. It is a serious guarantee of tranquility for customers.